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In Santiago de Chile, on January 20, 2010
The association is founded under the name of "Isshinkan Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do Kobudo Association".
Association founded by Sensei Juan Carlos Buruchaga Susarte.
Isshin-ryu is a martial art style born in Okinawa, Japan. Whose creator and founder was the great teacher
Tatsuo Shimabuku.
The Isshin-ryu style began to spread in Santiago, Chile in February 1988 by Sensei Juan Carlos Buruchaga Susarte, pioneer and first diffuser of the Isshin-ryu style in Chile South America.

Objectives of the Association:
Promote and represent the values ​​of the martial art in its traditional and philosophical practice.
To develop among the members of the association the spirit of unity, respect, loyalty, discipline, which are the fundamental pillars of the Isshin-ryu style.
Encourage the participation of the community in the sports, social and cultural activities of the association.
To promote the ethical, moral and intellectual improvement of its members, partners, students and teachers.

Mission of our association:
Preserve and maintain the tradition of the Isshin-ryu Karate and Kobudo style of Okinawa to future generations.


                                   Hanshi Juan C. Buruchaga S.

In March of 1986 Sensei Juan Buruchaga, named his school "ISSHINKAN DOJO", which literally means "The school or the House of a single heart", where the essence of the art of Karate Do is studied  and trained. Our school maintains and preserves the traditions, teachings and legacy of Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku, founder of Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobudo.

Biography of Sensei Juan Buruchaga, begins to train Karate on January 20, 1968 at the School  Andes Zendo Ryu: bases of Karate styles: Toyama Ryu and Isshin Ryu with Master Hernán Moncada Luckeheide.

In 1980 he began to train the Shorin Ryu style with Sensei Jorge Brinkmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1982 he graduated from black belt 1st Dan in Shorin Ryu by Sensei Jorge Brinkamann.
In 1985 he graduated from 2nd Dan black belt in Shorin Ryu with Masters Fusei Kise and Jorge Brinkmann.
In 1986 he returned to train the Isshin Ryu Karate style.
In 1990 he began studying with Master Angi Uezu at OIKKA and in 1991 he graduated as a black belt 3rd Dan at Isshin Ryu with Master Angi Uezu.
In 1993 he was promoted to the black belt 4th Dan OIKKA with Master Angi Uezu.
In August 1997, he made his first trip to the Okinawa, invited by Master Angi Uezu and the governor of Okinawa, Mr. Masahide Ota, invited to participate in the First World Karate and Kobudo Tournament in Okinawa.
On September 2, 1997, he graduated 5th Dan in OIKKA with teachers Angi Uezu and Tsuyoshi Uechi.
On Septiember 2, 2002, he graduated 6th Dan in OIKKA Isshin Ryu with Master Angi Uezu.
On November 13, 2004 is recognized by the American Butokukai Alliance with the title of Kyoshi 7th Dan in Isshin Ryu with Master Ralph Hernandez.
On January 20, 2010, Kyoshi 8th Dan found the organization. "ISSHINKAN ISSHIN RYU KARATE AND KOBUDO ASSOCIATION".
On June 9, 2013 he was recognized as a Colonist of the Chilean Martial Arts of the 70s. 
In March 2016, the organization: "INDIA ISSHIN RYU WORLD KARATE & KOBUDO ASSOCIATION" conferred upon him the honoray title of Hanshi 9th Dan and as honorary president of IIWKKA India.
On January 20, 2018, he completes his 50 years career in the practice, dedication and teaching of Karate Do.
On June 1, 2018, he received his Recognition of the Trajectory of his 50 years as a teacher by the Confederation of Pioneering Martial Arts of Chile.